Las Cabezas


Today we went to a beach and a nature reserve. At the beach, everyone tested out their snorkel gear in preparation for our whole day snorkeling-venture on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the water was very cloudy at the beach which made any attempt at snorkeling very difficult. Nonetheless everyone succeeded in trying out their gear. We ended up having lunch on the beach as well and we discovered that many people had become sunburnt (including me). After having lunch, we drove over to the nature reserve and went on a tour. The tour was guided by a local named Francisco who works at the reserve and knows a lot about how the environment functions in the park. He led us through a mangrove tree swamp, a rocky beach, and eventually to the oldest lighthouse in Puerto Rico. Francisco also told us a little bit of the culture of the island. He mentioned how the people of Puerto Rico are heavily against the privatizing of beaches, and will publicly protest against it to preserve the public availability of the beaches. Overall, the day was a great experience.

-Jack King 3/20/2016

The Lighthouse at Las Cabezas



Today we spent our morning at a beach that had very blue water and lots of sun shining on it. We were there for around two hours and in the process, almost everyone got sunburnt. I think there are only four of us that aren’t burnt, me included. I did get super dark, though! We ate lunch on the beach and then went to a nature preserve where we went on a guided tour. Our guide’s name was Francisco and he was entertaining and told us a lot about Puerto Rican history. We visited a light house that’s located on “Las Cabezas de San Juan” that was built in 1880. It’s currently the oldest original lighthouse in Puerto Rico. I also went to the grocery store with Mr. Spencer and some others today and found out that honey is not easy to find in Puerto Rico!! All in all, today was an awesome day :)

-Aarthi Kaviyarasu 3/20/16

Las Cabezas de San Juan



Today was such an exciting day. I have done so many things on this trip that I never expected that I would be able to do in my life. I’ve been to the beach before but I’ve never been snorkeling so that was cool. I didn’t see much because the water was cloudy but it was a good day to make sure all of my equipment was alright. Then the tour through the nature preserve was really cool. Our tour guide not only told us about nature, but a lot about the history and the culture of Puerto Rico. Then we went to the store and I was able to get chocolate, so it was a pretty great time for me.

~Kaylyn Schaffranek 3/20/16

Rio Sabana


Today we went to the beach and a nature preserve. The beach was sunny and fun. A couple of people got really sunburned but I didn’t. We tested our snorkel equipment but there wasn’t any fish or coral to see in the water. The nature preserve was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. We had a really fun and funny guide named Francisco. We learned a lot about mangroves and lighthouses and Puerto Rican history. Overall the day was an A- (it gets a minus because there was nothing to see while snorkeling).

-Stephanie Ann Mertz 3/20/16



There are so many cool things in Puerto Rico. I don’t think I could pick a favorite but some of the things that I will always remember are the beautiful views, the amazing biodiversity, and the unique culture. I also had so much fun zip lining and exploring the forest and I absolutely love it here!

-Liam Smit 3/19/16

A Room with a View


My favorite thing about this trip so far has been the view. My room has an amazing view of the mountains and forest. It always looks so beautiful in the morning when the sun is rising. I also enjoyed zip lining through the forest, which we did earlier today.

-Chloe Kargiotis 3/19/16

Old San Juan


La Mina Falls

Buckeye Pride

Seven Seas Beach

Having a great time on our first beach day! Kids are having a treading water contest.


So today was a long day. The sun was super hot and we were only on the beach for a couple hours. Tomorrow will be a beach day, which will be interesting. We toured a nature preserve, the scenery was really pretty. We got a see an overlook of the Puerto Rico that was so beautiful, we were all taking tons of pictures. The view from everywhere is great no matter where we were. The tour guide, Francisco, was a pretty knowledgeable guy. When we were at the top of the light house we could see a lot of other islands that were very close to Puerto Rico. It was super interesting because we could see St. Thomas, which is where we went for the past WFSI spring break trip. Today was really fun, and this week has been super eventful so far.

-Gracie Adkins 3/20/16

Humacao Nature Reserve 

I finally have a signal!  Iguana at Humacao.

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